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Harassment Attorneys in Charleston, West Virginia

Recovering Millions for Clients in Charleston, Huntington, and All of West Virginia

There are many consequences that arise from the hostile behavior of harassment. The conflict between employees and managers greatly disrupts productivity levels, due to the negatively charged environment. Not only is the workplace more chaotic, disengaged, and inoperative, but these problems can then turn into long and arduous legal actions that are damaging to everyone involved. Most importantly, if you are facing harassment, studies have found that the long-term consequences of harassment and intolerance can often lead to depression and trauma. 

This is why you need to talk to our trusted harassment lawyers in Charleston, WV as quickly as possible if you are trying to handle harassment in the workplace. You may feel isolated and fearful of retaliation from your employers, and we commend you for your courage. However, you do not need to take justice into your own hands, since Addair Entsminger PLLC, serving Charleston, Huntington, Kanawha County, Cabell County, and all over West Virginia, have extensive experience fighting for our clients’ rights to be free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination in the workplace.

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What Defines Harassment & What Should You Do?

Bullying is not just something that occurs on the playground. Unfortunately, harsh threats, excessive criticism, unfair exclusion, public and private humiliation, and verbal violence occur every day at workplaces across West Virginia. While no bullying is acceptable, when it targets an individual based on relevant protected characteristics, from race to sex to age, this transforms into outright illegal harassment, violating one’s personal dignity and creating an unsafe and hostile work environment.

It is important to realize that harassment does not need to be directed at you. Even if comments are made within earshot or on emails or public forums, these can still count as harassment. If you can safely and calmly confront the perpetrator, do so with a trustworthy colleague nearby who can act as a witness. In some cases, the harasser may apologize for accidentally injuring you, and the situation may be resolved. If the harassment continues, however, you should speak to your manager or Human Resources, unless they are the ones harassing you. If they fail to stop the harassment, you may be able to take legal action. Contact our harassment lawyers immediately so we can guide you through the process.

The following categories are just some types of protected characteristics which, if violated, would justify a claim for hostile work environment harassment:

Next Steps in Seeking Justice in Charleston, Huntington, and All of West Virginia

In the event that your employer has ignored your complaint or has flat out refused to take care of the illegal harassment, this is also illegal. Your employer may even make threats or attempt to terminate you secretly to keep the violation of your dignity under the radar. When this occurs, you must immediately contact our experienced harassment attorneys in Charleston, WV.

It is not only emotionally strenuous to endure such pervasive cruelty for a day longer, but you do not want the perpetrators of such violence to get away with it, especially as they will continue to find more victims to punish. What many people do not realize is that you have a limit of time, sometimes as short as three months, to file a case to vindicate your rights to be free of hostile work environment harassment. Contact our harassment lawyers immediately.

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