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Healthcare Worker Retaliation

$500 Thousand

Racial Discrimination

$500 Thousand

Age Discrimination

$300 Thousand

Disability Discrimination

$485 Thousand

Workers' Compensation Discrimination

$750 Thousand

Putnam County Discrimination Lawyer

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As Americans, we like to think of ourselves as representing the land of freedom and equality. Even our key national documents stress the value of opening our doors to everyone looking for an opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, no place is completely safe from prejudice and bias. Even though our country has improved its acceptance of people no matter their gender, religion, ethnicity, age, or nationality, this was not always the case, and many still struggle against oppression through stereotyping and micro-aggression. 

While we wish we could say that at least places of employment offer a safe haven against discrimination, unfortunately, your workplace is sometimes the most discriminatory location of all. If an employer or a colleague has accosted you or treated you unfairly based on your inner or outer identity, you immediately need to contact our discrimination attorney in Putnam County. At the Addair Entsminger PLLC, we are confident in our experience of helping employees who have suffered the cruelty of discrimination and prejudice at work throughout Cabell and Putnam County.

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Your Rights to a Discrimination-Free Workplace

When you go to work every day, you deserve an environment that will nurture you as a person, not destroy you. Unfortunately, at many job sites, there are still individuals who discriminate against you, whether directly or passive-aggressively. These people need to be brought to justice to face the consequences of their actions.

To figure out which specific area of intolerance you have suffered, you can check the list below:

Any discrimination against your nationality, race, religion, sex, or gender, as designated by the Civil Rights Act in 1964

Harassment for having to take time off work to care for a child, spouse, or other member of family, regardless of being paid or unpaid for your leave, as outlined by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Prejudice against your age as being too elderly or too young, as ordered by the Age Discrimination Act

Any discrimination against your needs as a person with disabilities – this also includes circumstances where your employer refuses to accommodate a task, an opportunity, or even a physical request for an employee who is disabled, described in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Bias against you for being pregnant, as detailed by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

All acts of intolerance penalizing you for trying to discuss the unfairness of workplace issues, pay included (NLRB)

Prejudice against you for using or even just asking to use your right of employee benefits – these benefits could include health insurance benefits and retirement funds; you also may need to take paid or unpaid leave for family emergencies, short and long-term disability, or sickness, and companies should not punish you for these necessary events

Any bias held against you on account of your role as being a part of the U.S. Military (USERRA)

Do Not Delay in Gaining Dependable Defense

Unfortunately, many employees are afraid of mentioning the prejudice they have suffered or witnessed on account of their belief that human resources will retaliate by terminating them from their job. However, it is important not to hesitate since courts have a specific number of days you are allotted to file against your employer or company. Do not hesitate but immediately contact the Addair Entsminger PLLC so that we can protect clients throughout Cabell and Putnam County from all disciplinary actions of retaliation. 

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